Eng-uh-land, Eng-uh-land, Eng-uh-land

Ordinarily I find the whole frothing nationalism and ardent patriotism thing a bit silly. But there are a few exceptions. Despite the fact that I don't even like football that much (that's football not "soccer" you American swine), the advent of the World Cup does tug at my limey heartstrings and turn me into a rabid near-hooligan. So much so that I'm willing to temporarily subvert the solidly internationalist bent of this website and shout "Down with Paraguay." We shall fight on the beaches. We shall fight in the fields and in the streets (and on the pitch). We shall never surrender (a goal).

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One Comment on “Eng-uh-land, Eng-uh-land, Eng-uh-land”

  1. Opinionated Wench Says:

    Paraguay. Oooh. That’s like a huge coyote jumping around yelling “Down with Voles!”

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