Trashing Women’s Rights in Tehran II


Avid small-d readers will recall an earlier post about an Iranian women's rights rally in Tehran and the risk that protesters might be savagely beaten, as they were on a previous occasion. Well, on June 12th these brave activists did indeed attempt to assemble peaceably to hold their rally and … were savagely beaten.

Eyewitnesses told Human Rights Watch that "As the demonstrators assembled, the security forces immediately started to beat them with batons, sprayed them with pepper gas, marked the demonstrators with color spray, and took scores into custody." Intriguingly, this event seems to mark the first time that the Iranian regime transported female policewomen (read "fundamentalist goons") to beat and arrest female protesters, while male goons arrested male protesters. One wonders whether to consider this extreme sex segregation or equal opportunity thuggery.

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One Comment on “Trashing Women’s Rights in Tehran II”

  1. wokan Says:

    I hope we can find a way to help their cause that doesn’t involve the Bush crime family dropping nukes on Iran. Not much point in women having rights if they’re dying of radiation poisoning.

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