The poll quoted in the WSJ asks whether “suicide attacks” can “sometimes” be justified. It then offered a host of targets for such an attack and recorded the response. I too would be interested to see a poll which gauges Jewish opinion on the very same matter when the target is Muslims. But I would also be pretty confident hazarding a guess that the very notion of suicide attacks is so toxic in the Jewish world that all but the looniest of loons who live somewhere to the right of Kahane would respond in kind.

It seems that the same poll is reported on in far greater depth by The Times of London.

Furthermore, I have no interest in “tut-tutting” the Muslim community of the UK on the basis of these responses. I merely found it an arresting poll which, I hasten to add, I posted with the explicit disclaimer that, “polls are notoriously unreliable and prone to manipulation (as the old saw goes: It all depends on how you ask the question).”

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