What’s Good for the Goose…

In regards to the rather disconcerting statistic that 37 percent of British Muslims believe suicide bombings (was it suicide bombings or simply “attacks”?) against British Jews are “sometimes” justified (“sometimes” like when? As in not on the sabbath, out of respect for religious sensitivities?), I’d be curious to see the results of British Christians (or British Jews for that matter, or American Christians, or American Jews) polled on the question, “are deadly attacks on British Muslims sometimes justified?”

It’s easy to leap to “holy flurking shnit” conclusions about such statistics, especially when one is a member of the apparently sometimes justifiably killable group in question, and I do think there are some troubling attitudes among Muslim communities (though it’s important to note that they are in a minority), but before we go condemning and tut-tutting let’s see how everyone else answers the question.

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