Neoconservatives Hold Bush’s Feet to the Fire

A few days ago, I wrote briefly about the perception that the Bush administration is retreating from the bold democracy promotion agenda articulated most famously in his second inaugural address.

Max Boot has a column in the Los Angeles Times today that harps on some of the same points, but he focuses his ire on the Bush administration’s decision to coddle the regime of Hosni Mubarak in Egypt. It is worth a read on its own merits, but also as evidence of a very interesting schism on the right that has slowly been building steam as the Iraq War continues to falter. The decision to invade Iraq in 2003 has been associated with neoconservatism more than any other party or creed in American political life. I have long argued that most people who have taken to using the term in recent years have little to no understanding of what neoconservatism in fact is. That being said, it will be fascinating to see how effectively neoconservative positions are represented within the Republican Party in the years to come.

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