Gaza Tactics

Just came across a transcript from Scott Wilson’s (Jerusalem-based reporter for The Washington Post) appearance a few days back on The Newshour with Jim Lehrer. One of his comments deserves particular attention:

And what the Hamas gunmen, it’s in any sort of urban guerrilla warfare type setting, you are seeing Hamas gunmen using private property, whether it’s people’s garages or their orchards or their rooftops, usually, most likely, against the people inside’s will, to go ahead and to stage the attacks on the Israeli tanks and troops.

Yesterday, I saw a woman out in a street as Hamas gunmen were laying mines along a street, burying them under piles of garbage, running detonators into backyards, essentially. A woman came out of her house and started screaming at them and gesturing them to go away, to go away. And they ignored her.

So, there is some sense in these communities that this kind of resistance only makes things much worse for them.

[emphasis my own]

I am not sure if Wilson’s anecdote is indicative of the broad sentiment in Gaza, or amongst the Palestinian community as a whole, but it is indeed a comforting thought.

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