Whither The Nation?

I have often been tempted to write-off The Nation entirely, but then they publish terrific items like this, this, and this, and my better senses grab hold, forcing upon my weak mind the realization that such an act would be terribly foolish on my part. But all the angst has made me quite schizophrenic. As of late I have struck a grand bargain with myself that has ushered in a period of peace, and dare I say even goodwill, between me and the old lefty rag. The deal goes something like this: I will read The Nation, but I will avoid any article that touches on American foreign policy, in particular articles that involve Israel (rare, but noted, exception above).

And then I go along and screw it all up by spastically clicking on an article I know I shouldn’t. And so it happened.

Their Web site is currently fronting with a piece titled, “Israel on the Offensive,” by Marwan Bishara, a Palestinian intellectual. The piece attempts to editorialize on the previous few weeks of conflict in Gaza that stems from the cross-border tunnel attack by Hamas. I will restrain myself to one comment (my doctor tells me it is better for my blood pressure if I do so).

Bishara writes: “The Israeli government, like any other, has the right and indeed the duty to protect its people, but not at the high expense of the Palestinians, whose government’s credibility also rests on defending its people.”

So let me make sure I understand Bishara’s logic. Israel has the right to protect its people but only when it does not come at the “high expense” of the Palestinian people, or their government: a democratically-elected government led by the very group that attacked Israel and precipitated the current crisis.

Okay, that makes perfect….Wait…what?

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  1. bh Says:

    I would like to apologize on behalf of all humanity to the esteemed writer on his accidental click to articles that write or propose negativity on the divine state of Israel – the “Chosen ones”. It would appear that their God certainly carries more might in cohort with the “God” that dwells on Pennsylvania Avenue. Fact or fiction – Israel remains committed to destabalization of the region as there is greater fruit in it for the God in Washington. Perhaps God 1 and God 2 have decided enough is enough – time to direct attention away from the misgivings of Iraq and creating the right environment for a strike on Iran. And by the way – let’s blame it all on Syria. Two very cunning Gods we have in this impoverished world of ours. Unfortunately, rest assured this will give rise to other Gods from China, Russia and India. For now let the regional destablization continue. After all the dead are simply that – DEAD! One would’ve hoped the prosecuted could’ve leart better. Carry on with the clicks…..

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