Kristol’s Pissed, And He Ain’t Gonna Take it No More

A short while back (before the Middle East exploded into low-grade warfare) I mentioned (and here) that one the most fascinating political subplots that will play out in the coming years is how Iraq will affect the influence of neoconservative intellectuals within the GOP. With Baghdad in tatters, the Bush administration’s forward-leaning democratization policy is decidedly on its heels. And there is grumbling in the neocon ranks.

In the current issue of The Weekly Standard, editor Bill Kristol inveighs against what he sees as the President’s timid North Korean policy:

What was “unacceptable” to President Bush a week ago (a North Korean missile launch) has been accepted. In retrospect, according to a draft Security Council resolution, the missile launch turns out merely to have been “regrettable.”

Read the whole thing. Kristol’s pissed.

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