Kings of Infinite Hate

I feel the need to voice one small objection to my colleague’s brilliant dissection of the world’s morally mediocre split-the-different-ists (below). (And sorry for all the piggy-backing, no pun intended. I hope to add something more substantive in due course). In critiquing Kofi Anna’s approach to the current Israel-Hizbollah conflagration, my partner in crime endorses the suggestion that Israel “could do a great deal to de-escalate hostilities if they felt that was in their interest.” I’m quite skeptical of this argument because I believe the hostility of Hizbollah and its ilk for Israel is essentially infinite. They’re plenty hostile for two. Hizbollah’s objection to Israel is existential, Jewish sovereignty over “Muslim soil” an abomination. For Israel to de-escalate its hostilities, as it did in 2000 by withdrawing from Lebanon to an internationally recognized border, would be simply to invite further escalation from its opponent.

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