Enrich This, Punk!

The almighty United Nations Security Council has now threatened the Iranian regime with (gasp, monocle-shatter) … more discussions if it does not suspend uranium enrichment by August 31st. Yes, nuke-hungry Iranian theocrats, cower before the awesome prospect of further bickering between the world’s leading powers as to whether to do anything about you. Doesn’t the very thought of crusty foreign ministers seated at the security council table with those little earphones lodged in their hirsute ears cause you to pee the very pants you deny women the right to wear in public? Repent now or feel the wrath of protracted diplomatic haggling.

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2 Comments on “Enrich This, Punk!”

  1. Mike Harrison Says:

    The UN becomes more of a laughingstock with each passing day.

  2. […] My esteemed partner has eloquently lamented the depressing futility of the international response to Iran’s unabashed pursuit of nuclear weapons. But today there was an interesting little reference to Iran, almost an off-hand remark, that may shed considerable light on where the Bush administration is heading. […]

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