“Help, help. I’m Being Repressed!”

Here’s a jolly good campaign from Amnesty International designed to promote free speech and internet freedom (see Campaigns in our ever-expanding links column).

Irrepressible.info is gathering signatures from around the world for a pledge to oppose internet repression. Sign the pledge HERE. The second facet of the campaign is truly brilliant, and I’m not only saying that because it’s a clear rip-off of an idea I had over a year ago but didn’t have the resources for and so started this humble web log instead: the campaign provides html code to those with their own blogs and websites that, once incorporated, streams censored internet content onto those very blogs and websites. In one fell digital swoop, we can undermine the censors, raise awareness of their repression and show solidarity with those who do not enjoy the same freedom that we do to share ideas, express our deepest desires and most fervent beliefs, and badmouth politicians and celebrities we will never meet.

Unfortunately, the malevolent internet tyrants at wordpress.com make it impossible for us to take full advantage of the campaign here at small-d, what with their fatwa against javascript. That or your humble correspondent and webmaster is too stupid to figure out how to get the streaming censored content feature to work. But I am officially putting small-d on the record as a supporter of this very worthwhile campaign and encourage you to sign the pledge, learn more about internet repression, download the buttons for your e-mail or websites and attempt to get that censored content flowing.

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One Comment on ““Help, help. I’m Being Repressed!””

  1. Mike Harrison Says:

    “One man’s vulgarity is another’s lyric.”
    -Justice John M. Harlan, Cohen v. California (1971)

    “Fuckin’ a right!”
    -Mike Harrison, Comment to Hasdai’s blog article (2006)

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