My esteemed partner has eloquently lamented the depressing futility of the international response to Iran’s unabashed pursuit of nuclear weapons. But today there was an interesting little reference to Iran, almost an off-hand remark, that may shed considerable light on where the Bush administration is heading.

As a result of British Petroleum announcing its intent to shut down the nation’s largest oil field because of heavy pipeline corrosion, Energy Secretary Sam Bodman was out reassuring Americans that this will not cripple them at the pumps (well, at least not much more than they are already being crippled). Most interesting is Bodman’s remark at the press conference that, “We are as prepared as we can be” for a disruption of Iranian oil exports. “As important as the price of oil is, (stopping Iranian nuclear enrichment is) more important than the price of oil.”

Is the administration beginning to make the case for an Iranian oil embargo?

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