Why is Lebanon More Important Than Darfur?

The killing and gang-rape continue. The peace agreement has proved fictional, the African Union force near-useless, and half of Darfur’s people have no access to humanitarian aid thanks to attacks on aid workers. At least 200,000 people have already died, a number that could be dwarfed if current conditions persist. So why no international pressure on Khartoum? Why no cease fire, no peacekeeping force of Turks, French and Italians? Why no deployment of troops even to protect the refugees now being hunted by the Janjaweed in Chad?

Perhaps if Israel were involved, this apathy could be reversed. There seems to be comparatively little outcry at Muslims killing Muslims, or blacks killing blacks. No, it takes Israeli military action to wake the world’s ire. By this perverse logic Israel should undertake an act of humanitarian aggression against the people of Darfur. Just send a handful of Israeli commandos to shoot at Africans. That would get the issue on the security council agenda.

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3 Comments on “Why is Lebanon More Important Than Darfur?”

  1. Mickey Oberman Says:

    The responsibility for the numerous atrocities committed and still being perpetrated and the millions of deaths in all of Africa is the UN’s. And, ultimately, the buck must stop with the do nothing Koffee Annan who must rank as one of the world’s worst mass murders.

  2. Rebecca Says:

    Seems to me that there are lots of other people (and nations) to blame, in addition to the government of Sudan, which is, of course, primarily responsible for mass murder in Darfur. How about the various members of the Security Council who have been unwilling to pass any resolutions with teeth in them? The UN does things when the members of the Security Council want it to do things – it’s not an independent actor. That means that the five permanent members, including China (which has an economic stake in Sudan that makes it unwilling to do anything to stop the genocide in Darfur) are responsible for the UN’s inaction. Kofi Annan may not be a great Secretary General, but consider what he has to work with.

  3. EV Says:

    HW: TRUE.

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