Creepy Incompetence in Boulder

For the past ten years prosecutorial and investigative blunders stemming from the murder of Jon Benet Ramsey have hung heavily around the neck of the Boulder, Colorado district attorney office and the police department. And then, out of nowhere, comes news that a suspect has been found, in Thailand of all places. He is a creepy looking guy (as one would expect of such an insidious culprit) and his journey from Bangkok to Boulder was covered with great thoroughness by every major media outlet. The suspect, John Karr, even had a surreal press conference in Thailand in which he said cryptic and spooky things like that he was with Jon Benet at the time of her death.

But from the outset there was never any evidence in the media that linked Karr to the crime. Cable TV news was forced to speculate for hours on end. Of course, they had no problem doing so. And yet, you had to figure that with the dark cloud of incompetence that has hung over Boulder law enforcement because of this case, the authorities had to have something very concrete linking Karr to the murder.

It now turns out that after all the fanfare, the spilled ink, and the hours of inane televised chatter, the only thing linking Karr to the murder was his own confession. A DNA sample provided by Karr does not match the DNA found out at the scene of the crime. Why this could not have been determined by obtaining a DNA sample from Karr in Thailand remains unclear. What is clear is that the Boulder DA has one-upped themselves when it comes to their legendary incompetence. This time it is simply staggering.

The only positive note to come out of this is that Karr will now be turned over to authorities in California where he is wanted on charges possessing child pornography. Although may be innocent of the Ramsey murder, Karr is clearly a deranged, sexually perverse individual who seems to have built his entire life around the goal of having easy access to school-age girls.

How long until heads roll in Boulder? Not soon enough.

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