Slippery Shimon

During a trip to London, Vice Premier Shimon Peres offered these thoughts about the feasibility of further Israel withdrawals from the West Bank:

“The government cannot evacuate more settlements in Judea and Samaria…“There is natural growth of settlements. The government does not fund this, it is privately financed. We cannot stop the children [of settlers from] building homes for themselves.”

But when pressed by a reporter about whether he was condoning the expansion of settlements in the West Bank Peres insisted that there was no such thing occurring.

Pardon my admitted ignorance, but this comment strikes me as disingenuous at best. One year ago Israel boldly implemented a policy of removing all settlers from Gaza. This policy included – yes Shimon – not only stopping “the children” from building homes for themselves but pulling them out of the homes they had already built. It was a necessary act of rational policy-making. So would further withdrawals from the West Bank.

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