Et Tu, Goldstein?

The delirious orgy of filching from me continues unabated. Now it has even claimed my partner in thought crime. Yes, it was this humble correspondent who planned to post on the matter of the Sudanese billionaire and his award for democratically deferential and ethically upright African premiers, but EG has officially jacked my thunder with a mere two-word entry. Coming swift on the heels of a lefty-righty tag-team thieving of my policy proposal this is almost too much to bear. I expect such perfidy from these platitudinous plagiarizing pundits but the sudden Judas move from one so close sends me into peevish paroxysms of alliterative anger.

I even had a crazy dope title for my post: “Mo’ Money, Mo’ Betta Government?” Oh, the cruel lash of betrayal! In any event, before I go off to wallow in my misery I should note that this is a jolly good initiative in my view, an effort to promote debate on good governance in Africa and help create a culture of responsible statesmanship to counter the post-colonial tradition of plunder and tyranny.

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