Jaw-Dropping Incompetence Department, Part II

“Deteriorating security in Iraq and bureaucratic wrangling between the State Department and the Pentagon have undermined the US government’s effort to train provincial governments, according to a report to Congress released yesterday by the special inspector general for Iraq reconstruction.”

– -Report of the Special Inspector General for Iraq Reconstruction, as reported in The Boston Globe.

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One Comment on “Jaw-Dropping Incompetence Department, Part II”

  1. unitedcats Says:

    People simpy do not understand how corrupt and incompetant the American occupation of Iraq has been. Oddly enough, history teaches that more a nation’s strategy is based on Faith, the more lkely this is to happen. Look at the Crusades, the Crusaders literally looted and destroyed the Christian nation (Constantinople) they purportedly went to save from the infidels! The parallels with Iraq are disturbing to say the least.


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