“Wannabe Jew”

Katherine Harris is getting trounced in her bid to become the next senator from Florida. In the process of getting trounced she has also demonstrated to the world, on many occasions, just how bat-shit insane she really is. The first serious inkling was a few months back when she told a religious audience that, “If you’re not electing Christians, then in essence you are going to legislate sin.”

Now comes a long profile in The Washington Post in which the creepy Harris delves into her love affair with the Jewish people. But such a characterization, though Harris herself would surely agree with it, would be casting things in a misleading light. Rather, she purports to love Israel (her other great passion is art. One can assume that she has a particular penchant for the sort of cheesy religious art for sale on the streets of Jerusalem and Tsfat).

From the article today:

“Harris does love talking about Israel. She’s proud that Israelis sometimes assume she’s one of them and talk to her in Hebrew. She is a Christian but has called herself a “wannabe” Jew.” She says that when her husband of 10 years, wealthy Swedish businessman Anders Ebbeson, asked her to marry him, she first extracted a promise that they could live in the Holy Land one day. She doesn’t know why she’s always been so fascinated by the country. “I can remember riding my bike to piano lessons and thinking about Israel,” she says. “I thought I was adopted for a while.”

I do not know Harris at all (I know, you are shocked). But I have spent a fair amount of time with people who speak in the same manner that she speaks above about Israel and Jews. In her worldview, Jews are not flesh and blood people but more like actors in a great cosmic drama. They are God’s “chosen people,” which may explain her bizarre desire to be a “wannabe Jew.” Furthermore, I would be willing to guess that she is ardently opposed to Israel ceding any land to her neighbors in pursuit of peace. In this way, I feel warranted saying that she is something like a pro-Israel anti-Semite. She does not care about Jews as Jews (or, more importantly, as people) but only insofar as they bode well for her relationship with her God.

A few years back I spent the day at a very “pro-Israel,” African-American church in Maryland. In conversation with the pastor of the congregation I asked him what will happen to the Jewish people when Christ returns? The pastor was admirably explicit: “His return will afford those Jews who are still alive the chance to correct their mistake and embrace Jesus and take their rightful place as sons and daughters of God.” He assured me evidence of this happening was already underway. He pointed to the fact that there is already money put away by “people” for the construction of a new Temple in Jerusalem (considered a prerequisite for Jesus to return). “So tell me,” he asked as I got up to leave, “when will the Jews rebuild the Temple?”

Luckily, as Darryl Paulson, a political scientist at the University of South Florida so eloquently put it in the Washington Post today, “The only way Bill Nelson could lose this is if he got himself in a drug-induced stupor and ran naked down the main street of his home town.”

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