Da Election, Yo

It seems to be obligatory (o-blog-atory?) for every blogger to weigh in on the elections and make an endorsement as to which way people should vote. But I just don’t have the energy – the case is so overwhelming, the arguments so crushing, the ‘brainers’ so non-existent, I can’t think of a single thing I could add to what’s already been said. So let’s turn this on its head. I challenge anyone to give me a convincing argument for why any voter of sound mind should vote Republican on November 7th (and yes, it is November 7th contrary to the letters Republicans sent out to voters saying that due to high voter registration Democrats would be voting on the 8th and Republicans on the 7th, the sheisty motherfuckers). Winning entrants will receive a talking action Rummy doll courtesy of small-d (he says the same thing! Over and over!).

All others will receive a crowbar to pry their craniums from their rectums, budget permitting.

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4 Comments on “Da Election, Yo”

  1. EV Says:

    Vote Republican because Republicans are steering us, with unprecedented velocity, towards Armageddon, when we will all shoot up to Heaven in Rapture.

    It’s not too late, Jew.

  2. […] Just a few cyberspace moments after I threw down my electoral gauntlet, a brave soul has taken me up on the challenge. In response to why a voter of sane mind should opt for the Republicans on November 7th, a frothing fundamentalist writes: […]

  3. Mike Harrison Says:

    For those of us who make money, the prospects of paying less in taxes are substantially higher under the Republican platform than under the Democrats. The more money you make, the more likely this is to be true.
    However, for those of you who make no money, the argument doesn’t really hold water. The Republicans want you to flee to Canada… unless you’d like to join the military.

  4. […] A colleague of mine and employee of The Man™ writes in response to my challenge: […]

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