Election Challenge: Step Right Up

A colleague of mine and employee of The Manwrites in response to my challenge:

“For those of us who make money, the prospects of paying less in taxes are substantially higher under the Republican platform than under the Democrats. The more money you make, the more likely this is to be true.

However, for those of you who make no money, the argument doesn’t really hold water. The Republicans want you to flee to Canada… unless you’d like to join the military.”

The argument from greed or cash-money has its merits. But putting aside for the moment the question of whether potentially lower taxes can outweigh the torture, spying, lying and criminal incompetence in the botching of the Iraq operation (not to mention losing Afghanistan) of which the administration and its cohorts are guilty, won’t the massive deficit spending the Republicans are friskily engaging in jeopardize any potential savings from tax cuts in the near future? Someone’s going to have to pay for that shortfall and it’s either going to come in higher taxes down the line or cuts in services that actually make a difference to middle-class tax-cut hungry voters: healthcare, education, port and border security, social security, law enforcement. Not to mention the risk of inflation with the current economic policy, which could wipe out the value of those middle class assets pronto.

My friend in the white power structure does not disagree. He merely points out that as a Republican one is quite clearly not thinking about the future. But as to my counterargument, he concedes I’m not wrong. Sorry Whitey – no Rummy for you!

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