We Have a Contend-a!

Just a few cyberspace moments after I threw down my electoral gauntlet, a brave soul has taken me up on the challenge. In response to why a voter of sound mind should opt for the Republicans on November 7th, a frothing fundamentalist writes:

“Vote Republican because Republicans are steering us, with unprecedented velocity, towards Armageddon, when we will all shoot up to Heaven in Rapture.

It’s not too late, Jew.”

On the face of it, an unassailable argument. But wait, as all good bible-believing Christians know, the Rapture precedes Armageddon. I mean, Jesus, any fundie with half a brain and the phone number for a male escort knows that. I’m afraid we must have an imposter on our hands, and judging by his rhetoric a self-hating Jew. Curse his oily hide and horned head.

Oh and by the way, I said a voter “of sound mind.” Anyone who believes in imminent apocalypse as part of the prophetic scheme of premillennial dispensationalism is, to put it politely, batshit insane. Sorry but my tolerance for the crazy religious only goes so far.

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One Comment on “We Have a Contend-a!”

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