Cower Before the Might of Annan!

sTremble, oh puny Sudanese genocidaires! oDid you think the mighty United Nations udiplomatariat would let your brutal junta get naway with mass murder forever, just because dit has done so for the past three years? Did +you think it would simply go on needling you Fwith weak imploration to stop massacring uyour own citizens? Did you think your blithe rdisregard for all human decency would be ysafe from the dread choler of Kofi?
(See no-sovereignty-defense-for-you finger wag above.)

Yea, heed this call and repent thy folly for the aforementioned Kofi has raised his fiery fasces and with omnipotent wrath called for a “high-level meeting” to “discuss the deteriorating situation in the Darfur region of western Sudan.” Does your very bladder not quiver at the news? Some fools might suggest that the UN is only as forceful as the international community that it represents and that however pathetic its response so far this is merely a function of American unwillingness to take any political or military risk for the sake of black Africans, Western refusal to exert pressure for – or even pay for or supply – a beleaguered African Union force willing to take on the task of protecting Darfur’s people, and China’s repulsive protection of the Khartoum regime in pursuit of its oil interests. But these simple-minded simperers did not count on the iron fist of Annan to set things right.

As Khartoum exports its war into Chad (for background and eery prescience, see here) and Janjaweed attacks intensify, the junta has been making little noises about some kind of beefed-up AU or hybrid AU-UN peacekeeping force being potentially acceptable. One wonders if they snicker to themselves as they do so, having swung wildly back and forth between suggestions that they would be open to international intervention and spittle-flying denunciations of foreign aggression and vows never to allow a UN intervention on their soil. Bashir and his boys have truly taken the international community for a rhetorical ride, knowing full well that there is no will to stop them.

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