The George W. Bush Research Institute

Buried deep within their weekly dispatch on political doings in the United States, Aluf Benn and Shmuel Rosner have this interesting nugget about outgoing (and ageless) Israeli ambassador to the United States, Daniel Ayalon. Before departing Washington for good Ayalon, who has served tirelessly for an eventful four-and-a-half years, paid a visit to Bush and Cheney in the White House. He was apparently a slobbering fool. A sycophant, even stooping to the level of comparing Bush to Winston Churchill.

But wait. It gets better. He also asked for Bush’s blessing to establish a research institute in Israel that will bear Bush’s name. Ever modest, Bush complied. It would be funny if Ayalon’s private prostration were not echoed during Olmert’s recent visit with Bush. In the Rose Garden Olmert praised Bush for his “great operation” in Iraq and the “stability” it has brough to the region. And yes, he said this with a straight face. As The Forward editorializes, this was a good bit surreal for American Jews who witnessed the leader of the Jewish state shower affection on a president who just days before was on the receiving end of a decisive electoral “thumping.” And no group “thumped” him more decisively than Jewish voters.

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