Holy Flurking Shnit: Ghida Fakhry is Hot!

It’s lust at first sight. Al-Jazeera English’s dishy anchor has this libidinous layabout in palpitations. I mean, this woman is gorgeous! She makes Katie Couric look like a two-dollar crack whore. (Actually, Katie Couric makes Katie Couric look like a two-dollar crack whore.) Too bad American cable providers won’t carry the channel. You’ll have to watch this clip from The Daily Show to truly appreciate her jaw-dropping, tongue-lolling beauty. Stay away from her though. She’s mine!

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105 Comments on “Holy Flurking Shnit: Ghida Fakhry is Hot!”

  1. Shah Says:

    AMEN, She’s incredible !

  2. Hornet Says:

    I wholeheartedly concur!

  3. […] (You know – like actually covering the Jena 6 story before Al Sharpton got involved). And It seems I’m not alone in my admiration: She makes Katie Couric look like a two-dollar crack whore. (Actually, Katie Couric makes Katie […]

  4. Fack Says:

    So refreshing to see such a gorgeous woman who is not controlled by the zionist media.

  5. alberto Says:

    I´m a vicious watcher of the “what do you think” video. Ghida is so beautiful, sometimes I wonder she was made directly from God hands. Tell her we want entire body photos.

  6. Sammy Says:

    I wait for the news every night just to see Ghida she is the most beautifull news presenter the world have ever seen,if she agree to marry me i will do the impossible to marry her:)

  7. TraLaLa89 Says:

    I want to marry her too damn!!!
    How old is she??
    I love youuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuu

  8. Akram Says:

    i am anther victim of her beauty, but a happy victim i should say. got must haven taken his time to make this gem. i would do anything for her… is she married or is she with someone (hope not)

    deffo the most pretty/cute women on TV and probally miss world if she tries with over 4 toques in languages etc etc

  9. barun gurung Says:

    hi can we keep in touch you are great lady

  10. haroon Says:

    she is drop dead gorgeous i watch al jazeera news just because of her



  12. + Cross Says:

    Had privilege to know her, and work with her.

    One is sure; Gog was definitrly there at the moment of her creation.

    I adore her way of managing being that beautiful. Beauty is blessing and the curse as we all know.

  13. + Cross Says:

    Had privilege to know her, and work with her.

    One is sure; God was definitely there at the moment of her creation.

    I adore her way of managing being that beautiful. Beauty is blessing and the curse as we all know.

  14. Ghida lover Says:

    what to say about ghida fakhry?
    after seeing her as a news presenter,i have lost control
    each night i think of her.
    i just want to lick her hot silver cum juice or her last drops of urine.

  15. Ghida lover Says:

    no no,
    it was for fun with friends.
    Ghida Fakhry is my own sister, she is a honourable lady.
    i love my sister v.much.
    please forgive me my sister.
    your brother shouldn’t have used such words.
    webmaster please delete those comments i have made about my loving sister.

  16. jacksprat Says:

    They carry al-jazeera on Sky in the UK, I came across this incredibly hot woman while half drunk, channel surfing. HOT HOT HOT, I didn’t listen to the news just admired her hotness

  17. Busterbeam Says:

    gorgeous! i like al-jazeera just because of her! wow

  18. richard Says:

    I am from the philippines,I am always waiting ghida fakhry anchor from the aljazzera,couse i want to mary him,couse i like you …. love you so much….

  19. meethalund Says:

    habibi habibi habibi
    she is toooooo good.
    i am happy to be the dust of her shoes and i am ready to wash her hair with my eye lashes.
    women like her caan make a man go to war and or make peace.
    keep up the good work ———we love you

  20. rayhan essex Says:

    I think all of you are indeed absolutely right. I think god made her with the beauty of a thousand people – thats why theres so many ugly people around Lol – and that she is the most beautiful and desirable person to grace our TV screens and that we all want to marry her (me the most) but unfortunately she has a husband….. Oh Ghida, why dont you love me like I love You……. P.S + Cross do you really Know her, or are you telling porkies?

  21. stuart Says:

    I concur. By far the most mesmerizing news anchor I have ever seen. Stunning beauty. I would drop my wife in 2 seconds flat!! lol

  22. WAUL PILSON Says:


  23. zo Says:

    be aware of ( GOD)
    all of you
    arenot you shame to describe a woman in such waty which may be
    seem for you not bad but it is really is
    do you like some one describe your wife as hot?

  24. rayhan essex Says:

    ZO who ever you are.. first learn how to write, and then lighten up, coz you to tight dawg. were just havin fun. but dead serious though,lol. ZO if your a dude then i am worried bout you man, coz yous messed up blad.. and if your a women, shut up coz you would love it if someone said these nice things about you, right

  25. amir Says:

    hi fellows !

    ghida is extremely beautiful,but is it really necessary to carry on the way you do? by doing what you are doing you are only exposing your immaturity and believe you me,the lady would never want to be seen with an immature man.to any female this type of behaviour becomes an embarrassment. keep cool,play it cool and people will find you interesting.human beings love mysterious people or things. good luck

  26. News Watch Says:

    “So refreshing to see such a gorgeous woman who is not controlled by the zionist media.”:

    well put into a simple sentence.

  27. News Watch Says:

    PS: cracking jaw line!

  28. rayhan essex Says:

    WTF Amir, you think ur so cool but i bet your willy hasnt been wet in ages lol…. were only havin a laugh OK

  29. amir Says:


    your reply says it all. the laguage you use shows you are scum of the earth.who wants scum ? not even the cheapest prostitute ! you parner in life will be scum and i predict that what descends from you will also be scum. and you know why ? you use your willy too frequently – you even think with your willy and forget to use your brains !!!

  30. rayhan essex Says:

    Amir… Learn how to spell its ‘partner’ not parner you dumb SH*T. How do you know I’m scum you beinchod, especially when I’m banging your bitch. why are u so touchy on the subject if dicks.. is it because you dont have one! lol… I think so right. Its OK you can tell me, no ones listening

  31. amir Says:

    As an English graduate I will not only teach you how to spell,but I will also teach you how to speak. Seeing that you use the word “beinchod” I assume that you are a “char walla”. So,the first lesson in pronunciation will be to teach you to say water and not vawter, wish and not vish.,where and not vair. Before going to bed tonight repeat these words one hundred times and hopefully tomorrow these Indian tongue twisters will disappear.

    Rayhan,my reply says it all and yet you cannot understand why I call you scum. Never thought you were that stupid,you moron!(dont ask me what moron means)Decent people do not use the obscene words that you do, because it is an indication of your upbringing.This should have been taught to you by your parents.Or dont you know your parents?
    Please reply as there are more things I would like to teach you.Believe you me, you need it!


  32. rayhan essex Says:

    Amir Amir Amir…. You make me laugh. I laugh because there isn’t any hope for a naive dumbfuck like yourself. First you assert the notion that my swearing is a product of the lack of parenting involved in my upbringing, thus resulting in my invariable use of bad language, right?… WRONG, dipshit – I love swearing at you – I swear because I get really aggravated at people like you, who seem to have an inherent nature whereby you think that you have ‘the’ moral authority and understanding saying nonsense like,

    “is it really necessary to carry on the way you do? by doing what you are doing you are only exposing your immaturity and believe you me,the lady would never want to be seen with an immature man.to any female this type of behaviour becomes an embarrassment. keep cool,play it cool and people will find you interesting.human beings love mysterious people or things. good luck”

    Who the hell are you to tell us what to discuss and joke upon on an INFORMAL web chat room, you wanker. Did you see any other ‘goody two shoe’ comments like yours? No, because people aren’t like an uptight cocksucker like you, they know its an anonymous light hearted discussion and a bit of fun.

    Secondly, you say that you want to teach me English because I wrote beinchod. Listen you sister fucker the only reason I used that word, using that spelling was because I thought you were a Paki and as a Paki you would appreciate the way in which I used this term, that is, for pronounciation purposes. Dont worry you wont have to teach me how to speak English as I was born and bought up in the UK therefore dont have an asian accent, so kiss my hairy ass. If anything judging by the evidence I think I need to teach YOU English. Also your “char walla” crap does not mean anything to me as I’m not Indian.

    And as for your English degree, well.. Lol .. I wouldn’t wipe my ass with it, because an english graduate who doesn’t know punctuation and spelling i.e. not putting spaces after full-stops and capital letters at the start of sentences or even not knowing how to spell ‘partner’, is about as useful as a monkey trained in ettiquate or better still a donkey without legs. Also your not the only one with a degree you arshole. I graduated from the London School of Economics with a degree in macro economics.

    PS. why don’t you do us all a big favour and jump off a bridge or if where you live is more rural, a cliff (which seems to be the more feasable option)

    Hope to here from your (self appointed) Righteous ass soon


  33. amir Says:

    Rayhan,my dear friend,
    It is ironic that while you profess to be an expert in spelling, you slip up on the easiest and most frequently used words in the English Language.While my mistake with the word ‘partner’ was a typing error,your use of the word ‘here’ instead of ‘hear’ is a clear indication that your parents wasted their money sending you to the London School of Economics. We say: “Hope to hear” (h.e.a.r) and not “Hope to here”! We say:” You are not the only one..” and not “Your not the only one.. A true Englishman does not speak like that! No,no!
    By violating the English Language like you do,it becomes evident that you have an Indi/Paki origin.
    No wonder your beloved Prince Harry still refers to your ilk as Pakis (irrespective if you were born in the UK or whatever position you hold).
    I am born and bred in South Africa,but because my parents originate fron Egypt I am proud when people in S.A. call me an Egyptian. I get the feeling that you are ashamed of being called Pakistani or Indian.I get the feeling that you want to be more English than the English. I will therefore have to classify you as a coconut .. brown on the outside,but white on the inside. As for the term ‘char walla’ it means an Indian or Paki who has been smuggled in an achar box into a foreign country and for that reason he cannot get rid of the achar smell that emanates from him,no matter what he does.
    As much as we differ,my friend,we have one thing in common and that is that we agree that Ghida Fakhry is a very beautiful lady.Remember though,that she is 40 years old and married.
    I would like to meet you sometime.You can give as much as you can take.You sound like a fun loving person.

  34. rayhan essex Says:

    I do admit to the mistake of ‘here’ instead of ‘hear’ Note. it was 1.30 am and i was tired, though I admire your commitment to my shortcoming. Notice, I did not use the plural as the second mistake you refer to is not an error but rather bad practice. Now, you assume that I am a coconut and ashamed of my Indian/Pakistani heritage, how can this be the case when I am not of either denomination. As for Prince Harry’s comments, I was under the impression that the manner, in which the word used toward Harry’s fellow soldier, was in fact meant to be endearing, rather than a racial slur, even if the cultural connotation was not realised. For an ‘egyptian’ you seem to know a lot about Indians and Pakis. Anyway Amir of South Africa and Egypt, it has been good to have exchanged pleasantries with you.. and I hope you will lighten and loosen up a little, as life is too short to maintain the status quo. Rather, be a little facetious and ‘rock the boat!’…. at least just a little
    P.S try not to judge or stereotype people as this will only isolate you. And I will stop cursing.. see no swearing in this message. Adios

  35. amir Says:


    I am glad to see that your message does not contain a single swear word. Be that as it may,everything I have said thus far was just in jest and nothing personal.I sometimes rub people up the wrong way to see what their response will be. As far as the Pakistanis and Indians are concerned,they are my best friends.In my Hardware Store I have two Pakistanis and two Indians working for me.We get along very well.We tease one another,we support one another and the rapport we have established is just fabulous.Every message I have sent to you and every reply you have sent to me was read by my Indi/pakistani friends and we all had a good laugh about it.
    I am honestly not an uptight dude.I am down to earth and in no way self righteous. I am ‘foot loose and fancy free’. I am cool man,really cool.
    It was nice ‘crossing swords’ with you and I must admit that you gave as good as you received.
    Hope to hear from you again.Hope we will meet some day and than you will see and experience true friendship.
    Ps. When I read Prince Harry’s comments the first time,I was very upset.However,when he explained that it was supposed to show affection,I accepted it unconditionally.

  36. anal shaft Says:

    I would give her one up the ass and shoot my load on her gob, but chances are that someone already has 🙂

  37. Shawn Says:

    She is just a normal woman.

  38. phil Says:

    I think a beauty face like Ghida is common when you see them in Beirut.She is not the only one who is damn gorgeous there.

  39. interplast ghana limited Says:

    she’s really hot like all lebanese

  40. interplast ghana limited Says:

    her father name is saeed fakhry chairman of interplast in ghana africa,her mother name is saada,her brothers names are haytham and houssam fakry m.d’s of interplast gh ltd

  41. interplast ghana limited Says:

    her mother is from saida ,lebanon
    her name is saada alasaad.

  42. JohnT Says:

    I so want to do her from behind all night long with my long dong !!

  43. Sanity Says:

    God, most of you you guys are so disgusting! Imagine if this was your sister, wife , daughter etc that other men were speaking of in this way. So disrespectful and gross. Have sex with her from ‘behind’? Fat chance; I think she wouldn’t puke in your direction.

    Whether she’s Lebanese or whatever, she’s a person and human being. If she’s blessed with talent and good looks, it’s from God and it has its up sides and downsides, and an example of the latter are some of the nasty, trashy comments from the gutter expressed above. Imagine if the poor woman googled her own name and came across this rubbish written about her. It may make her want to wash her herself 24/7 for the rest of her life.

    • toto Says:

      please go shoot yourself. GHIDA will one marry me and we’ll have a 20 children, all beautifull like her, GHIDA please marry me.

  44. rayhan essex Says:

    guys… Sanity is right. I guarantee Ghida has been on this website because this site comes on the first page when she is googled…oops. I bet she has commented using a pseudonym, think about that, weird huh. The question is who is it……..? Sanity is my guess 😉

  45. rayhan essex Says:

    Im sure its not anal shaft.. lol

  46. a j Says:

    u lot r well funny

  47. K K K 4Life Says:

    Even we think this dirty bitch is fiiiiine, even though we would never admit it! white power

  48. toto Says:

    i will do unspeakable things to Ghida.

  49. toto Says:

    GHIDA if you happend to read this,please contact me,Lordpan26@yahoo.com. I love you very much.

  50. Adil Says:

    I’m still laughing at the whole thread . Hilarious . Thanks Guys/Ghida.

  51. Mike Says:

    She is beautiful, I like her accent even though I can’t pick it properly. There’s traces of brit and Lebanese, as well as some other accent too. Then again any woman that has been well educated instantly becomes that much more attractive. I’d also recommend Farrah Esmail. She’s stunning as well, I was beginning to think Al Jazeera’s women were being hired solely on the basis of their looks but the others are more normal looking so it can’t be that. All in all I like Al Jazera more than the other news channels. The fact that a couple of their presenters make me lose my train of thought is just an added bonus 😉

  52. Ruhon Says:

    Well I,m a wesome guy. but I also can,t stop myself to watch aljazeera just because of her.

  53. Adorava conhecer esta MULHER pessoalmente, conversar com Ela
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  94. chutya Says:

    I’m a wanker

  95. nikki Says:


  96. ginger ale Says:

    i wanna be the only male of the human species on the planet.then i may have a shot at “the goddess of aljajeera”

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  98. Meow Meow Says:

    Who is her husband?

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