Martin Amis has a new book out (though you surely knew this because it was the cover review in both The Washington Post Book World and The New York Times Book Review – oh yeah, and a little magazine called The New Yorker weighed-in last week.) I am a huge Martin Amis fan, though I am really only familiar with his non-fiction. Even when I disagree with the thrust of his argument I am dazzled by the dexterity of his sentences. He is a consummate stylist. Clearly indebted to Bellow and Nabokov, he is a very capable pupil.

Anyways, this is all by way of bringing to your attention an exchange that happened on The Independent Web site, where Amis was doing a chat with readers last week. Here is one exchange from that event:

Q: The phrase “horrorism“, which you invented to describe 9/11, is unintentionally hilarious. Have you got any more?

A: Yes, I have. Here’s a good one (though I can hardly claim it as my own): the phrase is “fuck off”.

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3 Comments on “Amis”

  1. HW Says:

    Interesting how figures like Amis and Hitchens (drinking/smoking/whoring buddies that they are) are doing constant battle with the relativist left, or that contingent of the left that exalts in flagellating America and the West for all the world’s ills. On the questions of whether Islamic fundamentalist terror is evil and antithetical to core liberal values, they are of course right. And certainly the lazy. comfortable outrage of anti-Americanism and anti-occidentalism has a great deal of purchase among many leftists and is a rather irritating part of the debate (not to mention, at least in part, anti-liberal – in the enlightenment sense of the word). But their rage against the granola grinders is a little obsessive in its own right, and causes them to overlook prudential arguments against their aggressive stances on militarism and intervention.

  2. ERG Says:

    HW, I could not agree more. I recall asking Todd Gitlin his opinion of some critique that Hitchens had advanced about the Left, and he could barely conceal his disgust. He charged Hitchens with always attacking straw figures and not engaging with really serious criticism from other precincts on the left (presumably like those articulated by Gitlin in, most recently, “The Intellectuals and the Flag”) – at the time I did not place much currency in Gitlin’s charge. Yet, that comment has stuck in my mind ever since and it is getting more and more credible by the day. I think your comment above touches on the very same issues, and I have yet to see Hitchens or Amis address them.

    That said, I would pay good coin to be the third-wheel when the Hitch and Amis get together to drink/smoke/and whore together.

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