And Hitchens Too…

Since I already posted something on Martin Amis I figured it worthwhile to toss in an item from Christopher Hitchens as well. Writing in Slate today about The Surge (among other things) Hitchens has a priceless flashback to an exchange he had a few years back in Kosovo:

“During the war in Kosovo, I shared a flagon of slivovitz with an especially triumphalist Kosovar Albanian who exulted at what he was seeing. Decades of being pushed around and ground down by the Serbian supremacists and then, suddenly, “Guess what? We get to f— the Serbs and to do it with Clinton’s dick!” (That twice-repulsive image took up a horrible tenancy in the trashy attic of my mind, where it is still lodged.)”

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One Comment on “And Hitchens Too…”

  1. HW Says:

    Again, what does Hitchens expect? That an ethnic group that has been under the thumb of another will not seek revenge and domination in turn when its predicament is dramatically reversed by a foreign intervention? Doesn’t there have to be some inverse relationship between the vociferousness with which one champions a national cause and the shock/horror one expresses at its triumphalism?

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