New Rule*

[* With apologies to Bill Maher]

James Baker is not allowed to head up anymore commissions, inquiries, or investigations. He is not the only so-called “Wise Man” who is looking for work these days (and he ain’t even that wise).

The impetus for this brief outburst is news that a Baker-led investigation has just released a 374 page-report on the 2005 explosion that shattered a British Petroleum refinery in Texas City, Texas killing 15 people and injuring more than 170.

I ask: How did he have the time? It has been like 6 weeks since he released the recommendations of the Iraq Study Group (remember them?). This vaunted group (including the renowned foreign policy thinker Vernon Jordan) offered such compelling nuggets of wisdom as: the US should talk to Iran and Syria and convince them to help us out in Iraq. (And Baker is known as a “realist,” yet in the six weeks since I first heard of this I have been struggling mightily to ascertain what about this qualifies as realistic.)

Just too much Baker. He should be content being overpaid to speak, over-advanced to write, and more or less staying out of the news. Please, Jim, go home. You have a nice home. It is time to pack it in.

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One Comment on “New Rule*”

  1. HW Says:

    Baker is a “realist” in the sense that he takes a narrow view of US national interests. As far as the Middle East is concerned, that means oil. Israel, the Kurds, Lebanese democracy, human rights – these are of no interest to the likes of Baker. Iran and Syria are not “enemies” to him, but parties to be negotiated with so that oil prices remain stable. All of this is of course predicated on the rather unrealistic assumption that America can maintain oil as its main energy supply for a long time to come, while ignoring or helping to surpress Muslim political aspirations and pathologies indefinitely. I suppose if you don’t care about the costs in blood and the geopolitical leverage this gives to tyrants, this could be considered a “realist” course. But to me it is, quite literally, a pipe dream.

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