Of Bodices and Brains

In a bourbon-soaked haze last week, I encouraged my good friend Faith to launch her excellent new blog and even supplied the title. Why Faith actually decided to use the name I came up with I’m not certain but I assure you her judgement is otherwise sound. How Faith finds time to ruminate with such profundity between excising the racy bits from romance novels is itself something of a mystery. Perhaps all this cutting of bodice rippers is good for the mind…

Speaking of which, it was during the same bout of bourbon-glazed gluggery that I met Faith’s charming and delightful housemate, Kate. Kate already had a blog, but it was shuttered to the world and you had to be a very special person, or an inebriated lout she’d never met before, to gain access. This was all until a certain self-proclaimed sporadic blogger bayed at the gates of Kate’s blog, convincing her to take down the shutters. Kate is a student of neuroscience, so you know she’s wicked smart.  Her blog is devoted to addressing scientific issues in a global context, which apparently has something to do with wearing a bandanna and baking cookies. But perhaps I’ve missed something.

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2 Comments on “Of Bodices and Brains”

  1. Faith Says:

    Yes, good for the mind, but bad for the imagination. One can only read so many romances before it begins to take a toll on one’s sense of reality. Tends to lead one to fantasi….oh….sorry….lost my train of thought, there was a farm hand and a barn, and I suppose I’d better not go into the rest (must remember that this is a “family program”). At any rate, thanks very much for the shout-out. I suppose it’s the height of hubris to make my first commentary contribution to this esteemed blog on a post related to me, but I did promise to finally de-lurk and add my profound ruminations to your blogging endeavors. Or, in this case, some files from “the naughty bits.”

  2. Kate Says:

    why’s everyone gotta be hating? i was just protecting my now-open scientific heart.

    so some scientists bake cookies. i’m working on a more science-appropriate picture here. perhaps a rat’s mug would do.

    p.s. well-done on the title of that one. faith, i’m feeling a new romance-novel title here…

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