Better Left Unsaid

Our rivener of romance novels imagines that we here at small-d have something insightful to say about last night’s State of the Union address. I can’t speak for my PITC but I certainly don’t. I didn’t even watch the dratted thing. Instead, I spent the evening gorging myself on Sachertorte and then sipping ambrosia at a fine local establishment. I know that the pundicrati take ravenous interest in such things, trying to divine the political future from Bush’s words and Ted Kennedy’s head-bobs as though they were reading entrails, but this to me is something of a waste of time.

Bush has no majority in Congress and so will be unable to enact any legislative program. His political intentions are therefore broadly irrelevant. On the most important question facing the nation and his administration – Iraq – he has already set out his new policy (if you can call it that). The rest is smirking.

Picking through the newspaper reports, the one sensible idea Bush seems to have proposed is mandatory fuel efficiency and emissions standards. I’d be rather shocked if he matches rhetoric with action on this one though. Judging by the heavy emphasis on ethanol and a definition of “alternative fuels” that seems to include liquefied coal, the intent would seem to be to please the corn farmers and the industry lobbyists rather than increasing energy independence or warding off environmental disaster. I guess we’ll have to see how Arnie’s energy policy reforms go in California to see if the issue becomes an un-spinnable political juggernaut.

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2 Comments on “Better Left Unsaid”

  1. Dan Goldman Says:

    You don’t watch the SOTU? How un-American! I’m gonna tell the immigration people about this if and when you ever try to become a U.S. citizen like Dikembe Mutombo, who you would have seen last night, sitting next to FLOTUS Laura Bush, if you had tuned in.

    You don’t watch the State of the Union to see the future legislative proposals, etc. You watch it ’cause it’s the Oscars of Washington. See what everyone’s wearing, who shook hands with whom at the end of the night, etc. Duh!

  2. Faith Says:

    I totally agree. Next year I think they should have live red carpet coverage with Anderson Cooper there to ask who everyone is wearing.

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