Black Like Me


As a fellow black African I truly feel for Barack Obama as he faces his black support quandary. What’s that you say? A pasty-faced white boy like me claiming to be a black African? Yes, it’s true. Researchers conducting a new genetic study have discovered a rare West African Y chromosome in a group of white Englishman. They reckon the chromosome could have entered the gene pool as long ago as Roman times. Finally I have an explanation for my prodigious ‘fro. Then again, both sets of my father’s grandparents came from Galicia but … ah, hmm. Never mind.

I’m still a Palestinian though.

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3 Comments on “Black Like Me”

  1. Dan Goldman Says:

    Once a Black guy told me I was half-Black ’cause of my Jew-fro. So am I for Obama or Clinton? I’m so confused…

  2. Faith Says:

    I’ve been trying to tell people for years that I’m black. Well, more accurately, I am a Black. Not really the same thing, but still, “once you go Black….”

    Maybe I should put that on my business cards.

  3. Good. We need more Palestinians who don’t categorically hate Israel. 🙂

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