Terror-Free Oil? It’s a Gas, Gas, Gas

A misguided effort that won’t do Jumping Jackshit to solve the West’s oil dependence or undermine the financing of terrorism, the Terror-Free Oil initiative seeks to open a chain of gas stations that will refuse to sell oil from the Middle East. The idea is to cut off the money supply to Islamist terror generated by Arab and Iranian oil revenues. Even oil from Venezuela is out: “We know that the Government of Hugo Chávez is very aligned with the Government of Iran, so we are certainly not going to have anything to do with Venezuela,” spokesman Joe Kaufman told The Times.

Time for some basic economics, people. If global demand for oil stays constant – as it will if you don’t use less of it – and supply also remains constant or diminishes (a likely scenario what with oil being a non-renewable energy source and all), then the price of oil will remain the same or increase, as will the profits to producers. So it matters not a jot where the oil you buy is produced when oil is a scarce resource, of which the largest proven reserves are held by hmm, let’s see – Venezuela, Saudi Arabia, Iraq and Iran. You’ll still be contributing to the financing of terror.

The initiative appears to have been cooked up by some enterprising Russian entrepreneurs, who festoon their pumping stations with patriotic American slogans and seem to have judged the American appetite for avoiding painful choices (clean, renewable energy sources anybody?) quite cannily. Nebraskan Melanie Drinkall told The Times that that she filled up with “terror-free” petroleum because she feels guilty about owning a gas-guzzling Mazda Tribute 4×4. “I want to try any way I can not funding terrorism,” said Drinkall. Any way, it would appear, other than not owning a gas-guzzling terrorist piggy bank on wheels.

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4 Comments on “Terror-Free Oil? It’s a Gas, Gas, Gas”

  1. Dan Goldman Says:

    I mean, if people want to pay a premium for non-middle eastern or Venezuelan oil, that’s their preogative. I agree it won’t make a damn bit of difference, except to these Russian entrepreneurs, but I don’t have a problem with it. It’s like sticking a magnet on your car that says “Support the Troops”.

    It’s a nice gesture, albeit a hollow one that does nothing to actually support any soldier. Alas, people like empty gestures…if they didn’t all we’d be left with are the obscene ones.

  2. Kita Kazoo Says:

    Ick! Another bunch of jerks wanting to cash in on the ignorance of the misguided masses!

  3. Maybe if the author bothered to look up TFO website which promotes renewable fuels & conservation (http://www.terrorfreeoil.org/coalition.php) he would not come off as such a moron.

  4. HW Says:

    Perhaps if the author (I use that term charitably) above hadn’t resorted to ad hominem attack his or her protest wouldn’t have come across as so pathetic. The Terror-Free Oil Initiative does indeed “promote” alternative fuels and public transportation in the sense that it encourages their use on its website and makes the provision of alternative fuels a condition of its “franchise” (franchise fee $1 – the other condition being of course that the franchisee buys oil from
    Terror Free Oil or another company it certifies as importing only non-Persian Gulf or non-Middle Eastern oil). But this promotion is of course meaningless given that the company (and it does appear to be a for-profit company, not an altruistic non-profit organization) profits not from the consumption of renewable non-carbon based fuels but from petroleum gasoline, and is thus contributing to the maintenance or even increase of total petroleum consumption. Again, the simple economic logic is clear: steady or increased demand equals higher profit for all producers of oil; therefore, if Middle Eastern oil profit funds terrorism, the Terror-Free Oil Initiative and its
    customers are contributing to that funding. They are part of the problem, not the solution. Anyone above the level of a moron should be able to understand that.

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