The Passion of Pinter

Haaretz brings word this morning of an assembly of prominent British-Jewish artists, intellectuals, and academics who have started a new group because they feel the mainline Jewish organizations in Britain do not represent their views – and worse than that, they maintain that their views are being muzzled. This is them speaking truth to power.

Thankfully, Norm Geras, Shalom Lappin, and Eve Garrard have fired back with a stinging assault on the group’s pretensions (a group, I hasten to add, that boasts Harold Pinter as a distinguished member of their number). Many of the principles upheld in the Independent Jewish Voices Charter are praise worthy, but the hypocrisy is rank. Geras et. al. have a good laugh about it:

What a hoot! What a kingsize, mouth and trousers, peaches and yoghurt, tractor and bright scarlet pyjamas belly laugh.

(What a sentence!)

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One Comment on “The Passion of Pinter”

  1. HW Says:

    How can people like Pinter, so subtle in his dramatic treatment of language and exploration of human tension, be so utterly base and childishly simple-minded when it comes to politics?

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