What The Debate is All About

I am of the belief that it is a cop-out, a cheap ploy, for a blog post to do nothing but link to something else. No comment, no analysis, no context, no witty remark. Nothing. Just a link (and maybe a smiley face….like this quintessentially pathetic example.

And yet. I find myself quite busy these past few days with…you know, trying to pay the bills, that I have had insufficient time to write truly worthy posts (which means not so worthy). So I am shamefully going to offer up another link. But at least it is a really good link. And if you can listen to audio on your computer you simply must listen to this.

This” is a dispatch from Anne Garrels, who has been the primary Iraqi correspondent for NPR since before the war even began. (Look, she even wrote book about her experience. I have not read it.) Needless to say, she is tireless. And this story perfectly exemplifies why she is such an exceptional journalist (and the power of radio as a storytelling medium which is, I think, undervalued these days).

This Garrels report is about the ethnic cleansing underway in one Baghdad neighborhood where her translator lives. It is, not to put too fine a point on it, heartbreaking. Even for someone like me who is very skeptical about the surge, this story makes you think long and hard about what is going on over there and what role America should be playing.

You know, what all this debate over the debate over the non-existent, non-binding debate in the Senate is all about.

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2 Comments on “What The Debate is All About”

  1. Dan Goldman Says:

    I listened to the NPR report and it was certainly moving. But while I understand the desire of those quoted to gain some immediate security for themselves and their families by blanketing their neighborhoods with U.S. troops, I don’t think that’s possible with a mere 21,500 additional soldiers.

    The best analysis of the current conflict I’ve read in a while is here:

    Any U.S. imposed strategy has consequences that undermine our other goals. I’m afraid the only solution left to save Iraqi lives now in danger is a massive refugee/asylum program that re-settles loads of Iraqis in American cities.

    But how’s the anti-immigrant wing of the GOP going to swallow that? Maybe we can call them all guest workers?

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