Another Moment of Shameless Self-Promotion

My latest screed for Guernica Magazine is up. Enjoy.

(Pictured above: my co-author)

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3 Comments on “Another Moment of Shameless Self-Promotion”

  1. Derek Black Says:

    Glad to see Knob Creek, a very fine Bourbon getting its due. Enjoyed your magazine article. Big brother is at it again I am afraid. If they are going to ban cell phones, etc., while crossing roadways, they certainly will have to include in that ban , books, magazines, newspapers, and of course food, all areas of potential distraction. Naughing on a bagel, sipping a soft drink, would certainly be fineable offences
    Conveyor belts will have to be installed at each street corner, where you will place all items of distraction. Upon reaching other side of street, items will be returned, after proof of identy has been proven.
    Government needs more to occupy their mind

  2. HW Says:

    “Government needs more to occupy their mind”

    Unlike us, Derek, who simply require foolish government legislation and obscure blogs to pass the time. Thanks for adding your thoughts. I’m glad you’re enjoying my rants.

  3. Dan Goldman Says:

    Friends don’t let friends blog drunk! And remember, buzzed blogging IS drunk blogging. The billboard tell me so.

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