Rogue Aid

Rather lazy for a blogger to just cannibalize off the New York Times op-ed page but this piece by Foreign Policy editor (and interviewee of yours truly) Moisés Naím describes an emerging and disturbing trend in international relations so adeptly and succinctly, it’s worth all the gnawing on the Grey Lady’s bones. Filthy-Lucre Quote:

“In recent years, wealthy nondemocratic regimes have begun to undermine development policy through their own activist aid programs. Call it rogue aid. It is development assistance that is nondemocratic in origin and nontransparent in practice, and its effect is typically to stifle real progress while hurting ordinary citizens.”

Further cash-money quote:

“States like China, Iran, Saudi Arabia and Venezuela have the cash and the will to reshape the world into a place very unlike the one where we want to live. By pushing their alternative development model, such states effectively price responsible aid programs out of the market exactly where they are needed most. In place of those programs, rogue donors offer to underwrite a world that is more corrupt, chaotic and authoritarian. That sort of aid is in no one’s interest, except the rogues.”

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One Comment on “Rogue Aid”

  1. Dan Goldman Says:

    Do? What can you do? Do you know how these people live?

    Seriously, I thought the op-ed hit on an interesting and disturbing issue, but what can the un-rogue nations possibly do to compel corrupt leaders of poor countries from taking NSA money from corrupt leaders of wealthy nations?

    It’s certainly not in the best interests of the people who aren’t benefiting, but again, what can the world possibly do? Stop China, Venezuela and others from giving the aid? Or stop the poor countries from taking it?

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