Hamas and Art

I am anxious to see how this plays out. In the most direct attempt by Hamas to bring their rigid interpretation of Islam into the Palestinian public square, the Hamas-run Education Ministry has banned an anthology of Palestinian folk tales because it reportedly contains sexual innuendo. Hanan Ashrawi, that stalwart from the days of the PLO, is enraged, calling the ban “outrageous.” “If this is what is to come, it is extremely alarming.”

The anthology was put together by Sharif Kanaana, a novelist and anthropology professor at the West Bank’s Bir Zeit University, and by Ibrahim Muhawi, a teacher of Arabic literature and the theory of translation.

Will Palestinian and Arab intellectuals please stand-up?

(Incidentally, you can get your very own copy of Speak Bird, Speak Again, over at Amazon. The book was initially published in 1989 by the University of California Press. But if your sensibility demands a new copy, it will cost you dearly.)

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2 Comments on “Hamas and Art”

  1. Ashrawi is a Christian — like they give a hoot what she says?

    Arab Christians are being ethnically cleansed out of Lebanon, Egypt, the West Bank and elsewhere in the Middle East, and the Left has very little to say about it.

    I don’t care what Ashrawi has to say on the subject, because she’s raised absolutely no objections to the explicit anti-Semitic and anti-Israeli incitement in Palestinian children’s textbooks (not just innuendo), nor the fact that gay Palestinians are summarily executed in the street.

    Oh, but offend her literati pals, and you suddenly arouse concern in the bitch!

  2. HW Says:

    In Arab politics, solidarity against the enemies of Arab socities is more important than support fo liberal democratic principles within them. There are very few exceptions to this rule and most of them are in jail.

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