A “Balanced” Perspective

A United Nations Human Rights mission to Darfur is pressing the Human Rights Council to take a break from its ceaseless denunciations of Israel to place on the record what is completely obvious: that the Sudanese government has organized and taken part in human rights crimes against its own population, and that international action to stop the killings and rapes had been inadequate. The 35-page report also called for action including imposing travel bans and freezing funds, assets, and other economic resources held by those who commit violations.

All 8 of the previous condemnations offered by the Council have been against Israel. But this mission, headed-up by the impressive American activist Jody Williams, faces serious odds in getting the Council to adopt her findings.  “I understand there has already been tabled a resolution to try to block the presentation of this report and call for a new quote, unquote balanced and objective mission,” Williams told The New York Times.

In short, there is considerable  cause for pessimism.

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