(Blonde) Bombshell Revelation

Damn. Valerie Plame is a fox! So much for trenchant political commentary. I’d be happy to uncover her … secret identity. (For those of you appalled by this sexist banter, there’s something I could have written here that would have been a lot worse – a lot worse.)

By the way, what’s up with the smirking frog-face in the background? He looks like a perv beating off to the hearings.

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2 Comments on “(Blonde) Bombshell Revelation”

  1. Faith Says:

    So by “a lot worse” I guess you were just preparing us for your second paragraph. Actually, I’m extremely intrigued to know what you would have written if not for fear of certain “feminist vipers.”

  2. Jordinho Says:

    She’s foxier now than she was before because now she’s talking. Before it was just Vanity Fair layouts shot in front of courthouses.

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