Vagina With Teeth

No, really….vagina with teeth.

(Hat tip: Norm)

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One Comment on “Vagina With Teeth”

  1. HW Says:

    In theory, I have absolutely no problem with this device. If ensuring that a rapist gets his cock spiked is vengeful than call me a vengeful motherfucker. My objections, however, are practical:

    1) Given how pervasive rape is in South Africa, after the first few incidents, the rapists will adapt. I’ll put money down that they will find a way to disarm or pre-activate the device before proceeding to their crime. In fact, the result might be more violent rapes, as rapists will try to incapacitate their victims so as to disarm the device without struggle, whether or not the victim is using one.

    2) More women may be further assaulted or murdered by vengeful rapists, especially in gang-rape situations.

    3) The device is easy to abuse – it can’t tell a rapist from a cheating husband.

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