Jews Behaving Badly

From the Department of Self-Promotion: Why is it so damn hard for some people to get married in Israel?

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6 Comments on “Jews Behaving Badly”

  1. HW Says:

    Great work Evan.

  2. IMHO: because they have a parliamentary electoral system where fringe third parties have way, way more influence than they deserve.

    I like your article, but I think the Knesset, the ministries, the coalitions — where UTJ, NRP, Shas, etc. have undue heft — are a noteworthy omission.

  3. ERG Says:


    A perceptive critique and, of course, you are correct. If only I had the space! The limitations of an 800 word column are such that you can only hammer home the barest of essentials.

  4. Faith Says:

    Well done, Evan. Glad to see you’ve jumped on the self-promotion bandwagon. 🙂

  5. Danny G Says:

    “They’re not JEWISH! Do you know how these people live?”

  6. Excellent site, keep up the good work

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