Trenchant Political Commentary

‘Mr. Bush has said he will veto any bill that has a withdrawal date. He also prodded Congress anew today to remove spending items he regards as frivolous — “peanut storage,” for instance.“I haven’t analyzed the peanut-storage issue,” he said, to accompanying laughter from relatives of servicemen gathering around him in the East Room of the White House.’

-From the New York Times.

Peanut storage? What does this callous smirking cocksucker* have in store for us next? Forgive me, but isn’t peanut storage just about the only thing this fucker would be able to analyze? That is unless he choked on one of his subjects.

No, no, of course Incurious George** hasn’t pondered the peanut storage issue. One wonders, though, whether he’s ever taken the time to ponder the corpse storage issue:

Enough said?

* In the recent spirit of watching what we say, I should clarify that I use the term “cocksucker” on impulse as a general pejorative with a good ring to it. I don’t doubt that some of this word’s social force comes from deep homophobia but I certainly don’t intend any debasement of homosexuals by its use. Quite the contrary, I know many literal cocksuckers who are exponentially more worthy of drawing breath on this earth than the aforementioned cocksucker. In fact, calling him a cocksucker is an insult to real cocksuckers, for which I apologize. But man is this guy a cocksucker.

** I am thoroughly convinced that one Mik R. Moore came up with this appellation and has never gotten any credit for it. So there you have it, Mik, for what it’s worth. (Actually, I hope Mik isn’t reading ’cause I think he’d be pretty offended by the use of the word ‘cocksucker.’)

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3 Comments on “Trenchant Political Commentary”

  1. kate Says:

    oh snap.
    i wonder if appealing to peanut farmers is helping retain his slowly-shrinking conservative constituent base.
    or just making him look like an a**hole.

  2. Danny G Says:

    I find it ironic that straight males use cocksucker as an insult while at the same time complaining about not getting enough head from their girlfriends.

  3. HW Says:

    That’s some trenchant observation there, Goldie. I hadn’t pondered that one before.

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