The Limits of Imagination

Everyone is rightfully horrified by what transpired on the Virginia Tech campus earlier this week. The shootings there have understandably dominated American media. But please consider that buried underneath the latest revelations about  Cho Seung-Hui a series of bombings tore through Baghdad today killing at least 146 people (predominantly Shiites).

It is crude to compare tragedies. This is not my intention. Rather, my point is that perhaps the horror of Blacksburg allows Americans a new perspective on what is going on in Iraq. We have become numb to the reality over there. I confess that I have. Every morning it seems I arise to the radio telling me another blast has cut through a crowd of civilians, or police recruits, or the parliament (!). It is fatiguing. And it is natural that we empathize more easily with the pained faces in Blacksburg than in Baghdad. But just imagine for a moment if that sort of violence were a daily occurrence.

I can’t.

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3 Comments on “The Limits of Imagination”

  1. Faith Says:

    Well said, Evan. I, too, find myself feeling completely disconnected from what’s going on over there. I think my mind can’t really wrap itself around the reality of it all. It’s having trouble with even the VT tragedy. A little bit of perspective is always a valuable takeaway from something like this.

  2. kate Says:

    perspective, yes.

    wasn’t it mayor bloomberg that pointed out that approximately the same number of people that were killed at VT are killed every day by gunfire?

    in no way am i making light of the situation, or belittling that tragedy. but it is amazing, isn’t it, how much press coverage one event gets over another.

  3. Danny G Says:

    I think you’re giving most Americans way too much credit. Very few will take what happened at VT and connect to every day life in Iraq. It’s not just an “us vs. them” mentality, it’s something more insiduous. Many American supporters of the war in Iraq are loathe to take on any personal responsibility for supporting the leaders and their policies that have brought us to the situation we’re in today.

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