I am a bit late to this item from today’s New York Times (please understand, where I work it has been Virginia Tech massacre around the clock) , but Warren Hoge dropped a bombshell with a leaked confidential UN report – (I wonder if the US leaked it?) – that contains visual evidence that the government of Sudan is flying arms and heavy military equipment into Darfur in violation of Security Council resolutions. It even makes clear that they are painting Sudanese military planes white to disguise them as United Nations or African Union aircraft.

One item in the report tells of a night attack by men wearing Sudanese armed forces uniforms and traveling in 60 Land Cruisers mounted with rocket-propelled grenades and machine guns to a village that they burned. The human toll?  A 105-year-old man was burned alive and three girls were abducted, raped and sent home naked. The mind reels at the savagery.

The report was published one day after Sudan announced it was dropping its long-standing objections to a UN plan to bolster the woefully understaffed African Union peacekeeping force. It seems obvious that this evidence was flashed to the thugs in Khartoum and it catalysed a change of mind on this matter. Even so, it would be folly to underestimate the seemingly innate duplicity of the Sudanese regime.

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3 Comments on “Bombshell”

  1. Well, yes, the Sudanese government and military is savage.

    Now what?

  2. Desktopjunk Says:

    Thanks, always good posts on your blog!

  3. Danny G Says:

    Now start training all those leftist, peace-loving, “Save Darfur” hippies to pick up a gun and go to some hot-spot around the globe, be it Darfur, or Chad or Uganda or any of the tons of other places that need peacekeeping and put them to work under the auspices of a retired General or two, to actually do peacekeeping so our existing military can concentrate on its mission, war-making.

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