Kate-tastrophe Watch

I have had no need to wax pontifical on current events of late, as I have been engaged in mortal blogbat with my charming and delightful colleague, Kate of The Anterior Commissure. (She named her blog after part of the brain that you’d need to be a neuroscience Phd candidate like her to have a clue about, so you know she’s wicked smaaart.) Kate has been laying the science-blog smackdown on my ignorant behind ever since I aired my objections to the tenor of the public climate change debate. I feel this back and forth is too intriguing (at least the back maybe, not so much the forth) to relegate to a bloggish backwater. So I encourage you to go and see the rhetorical sparks fly.

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4 Comments on “Kate-tastrophe Watch”

  1. kate Says:

    no PhD necessary. only wikipedia.
    bring it.

  2. Danny G Says:


  3. Open Bar Says:

    What happened? No posts in forever? Come back, Has-digga-losh!

    Open Bar

  4. […] those of you avidly following the slugging match between myself and bullying science blogger Kate of The Anterior Commissure on the topic of global […]

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