Where Are the Animaniacs When You Need ‘Em?

A new report suggests web censorship by governments around the world is on the rise. Certainly I myself couldn’t hop on Wikipedia when I was in China, which was a real bitch when it came to settling bar disputes. Troubling as the report’s findings are I can’t help but feel that the rise in internet repression must be tied to a greater rise in internet use by people who until recently had no way to reach the world or organize and opine so easily. The picture of internet freedom is not static. How much longer can tyrants keep the screws on such a dynamic form of expression?

Update: An interesting and rare case of Yahoo! speaking out against Chinese internet repression. Only one problem: it involves a case in which Yahoo! enabled that repression.

Further update: the lovely image I got off the internet has been whisked away to be replaced by this ruddy great copyright symbol. I’ve been censored!

Oh well, fuck it:

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One Comment on “Where Are the Animaniacs When You Need ‘Em?”

  1. Shaun W. Campbell Says:

    For your next time in China you might want to download an offline copy of Wikipedia. Wikitaxi is decent. There are even some apps for iPhone/iPad.

    It’s disturbing the extent that some countries go to block the free exchange of information. Skype is currently blocked in the UAE, Bahrain, Myanmar, Cuba, the DPRK… Currently there are 34 countries that block Skype to some extent.

    Blackberry has been blocked in the UAE and Saudi Arabia and India may be next.

    Search engines have been crippled in many countries and some countries have even developed their own operating systems with govenrment approved programs.

    Luckily a few, tech savvy people, have begun using proxy servers, VPNs, or alternate countries websites (that have not been blocked yet) to share information. For now a few voices can be heard and they won’t be stopped in the near future but their true voices will not be heard unless the masses speak out for them.

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