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Sacre Merde

December 14, 2006

Troubling news from the land of froggery. Ultra right-wing National Front leader Jean-Marie Le Pen (proof that in France the more rabidly draconian one’s politics, the girlier your name) has taken a significant hop in the opinion polls. According to a survey conducted for Le Monde and reported in Le Figaro (sorry, in French. You should have paid more attention to Madame Guillotine in high school) , indicates that about one in four people in France agree with Le Pen’s basic positions, which roughly consist of persecuting and expelling anyone not considered sufficiently “French.”

Le Pen shocked France’s political establishment in the country’s last presidential election by knocking the socialist candidate out of the running and going through to a second round against Gaullist Jacques Chirac. This survey shows that was no freak occurrence. His ideas have never been so popular. The number of people who consider them “unacceptable” has plummeted from 48 percent in 1997 to 42 percent in 2003 to 34 percent today. Sixty-five percent of the population still consider Le Pen a “danger to democracy” but that itself is a new low. Just another sign that if European nations can’t find a way to deal with the profound anxiety over rapidly shifting demographics and conflicting cultures Le Pen’s brand of racist xenophobia will continue to spread.