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Yet a Further Moment of Shameless Self-Promotion

February 16, 2007

And this time I was actually sober. Enjoy.


Another Moment of Shameless Self-Promotion

February 12, 2007

My latest screed for Guernica Magazine is up. Enjoy.

(Pictured above: my co-author)

A Moment of Shameless Self-Promotion

January 31, 2007

My weekly blog column for the fine people at Guernica magazine is up and folks, it’s a doozie. Well, it’s alright. Incidentally the apparent etymology of “doozie” is …

[Origin: 1925–30, Americanism; of uncert. orig.; sometimes associated with the Duesenburg, a luxury auto, though the var. dozy precedes the appearance of the car in 1920]

Did you know that in the musical Annie, Daddy Warbucks orders his butler to get the Duesenburg ready? Isn’t the internet wonderful? Reams of utterly useless information at one’s fingertips. And they said it wouldn’t last.

Of Bodices and Brains

January 23, 2007

In a bourbon-soaked haze last week, I encouraged my good friend Faith to launch her excellent new blog and even supplied the title. Why Faith actually decided to use the name I came up with I’m not certain but I assure you her judgement is otherwise sound. How Faith finds time to ruminate with such profundity between excising the racy bits from romance novels is itself something of a mystery. Perhaps all this cutting of bodice rippers is good for the mind…

Speaking of which, it was during the same bout of bourbon-glazed gluggery that I met Faith’s charming and delightful housemate, Kate. Kate already had a blog, but it was shuttered to the world and you had to be a very special person, or an inebriated lout she’d never met before, to gain access. This was all until a certain self-proclaimed sporadic blogger bayed at the gates of Kate’s blog, convincing her to take down the shutters. Kate is a student of neuroscience, so you know she’s wicked smart.  Her blog is devoted to addressing scientific issues in a global context, which apparently has something to do with wearing a bandanna and baking cookies. But perhaps I’ve missed something.

Return of the Luke

January 14, 2007

To be sung to the tune of “Return of the Mack,” for those who don’t know. Yes, my good friend Luke – self-described “sporadic blogger extraordinaire” – has returned to the blogosphere after a troublingly long abscence. One of his first official acts upon his return has been to bite my shit, but at least he admits it, unlike Jonah Goldberg, Katrina Vanden Heuvel and Evan Goldstein. Luke says that this blog is “sophisticated,” which sounds suspiciously like a code word for “liberal” or even “gay,” but for now I’m willing to take it as a compliment. Incidentally, Luke’s blog is consistently the funniest thing in digital space. I highly recommend you click-thru and start with the guffawing.

Peter Pan Strikes Back

January 4, 2007

My good friend D. Stephen Goldman (aka “Dan”) has just started up his own, very interesting blog devoted to his passion for the underaged his passionate advocacy for the rights of the underaged. I hereby command the swelling army of small-d readers to click-thru and read every single one of his posts immediately. I’ll be checking!